Christina’s Reads


I’m big on sharing great information. Check out some of my favorite reads from around the web this week. Enjoy!

Feel trapped in a dead-end career? Want to make some changes in your life? Alexis Grant reminded me of Why It’s Never Too Late to Create the Life You Want.

Boy did I need this one this week. Jude Bijou taught me 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Work Get More Done.

If you’re a fellow writer, you can certainly appreciate this one. When you’ve labored over a piece and finally get the edited copy back only to find an entirely different piece, here’s how to handle it with class and professionalism. Check out Sophie Lizard’s post “That’s Not What I Wrote!” What to Do When You’re Hit With Heavy Editing.

Everyone says that as a professional, or as an aspiring professional, it’s important to be on social media. But what if you have nothing to say?? Alexis Grant offers some solutions in her blog post What to Say on Social Media When You Have Nothing to Say.

As a self-admitted workaholic, I’m constantly walking the tight rope of the professional versus the personal life. Check out these 5 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance.

Are you a huge fan of lists? Well so am I! Check out 10 Things to Do Every Workday and watch how much closer you are to meeting your professional goals.

What else is new with me?

I’m hard at work recruiting members for my program development board and planning the activity calendar for my professional mentoring program, 20/30 Enterprises. More info to come!

AND I’m gearing up to teach my first College Success course in the fall. Super stoked!

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