Ice Cream Every Day: Discovering Purpose and Inspiration in the Little Things

One of my favorite R&B artists is, hands down, Amel Larrieux. She recently released her latest album Ice Cream Every Day and when I read her interview about the album’s title, she explained the importance of taking the time to enjoy the little things in life. We tend to think of sweet indulgences like ice cream as something that we can only partake of once in a blue moon. Now, for those of us who are a little more health conscious, certainly, eating ice cream literally every day may not be the wisest choice, however, what if we allowed ourselves to indulge in a “treat” every day? I decided to take this philosophy on in my own life and embarked on a little mission to find my own “ice cream” moments. Below are just a few photos from my quest.

Ice cream every day!

wpid-img_20140510_141122.jpgWhat’s a more appropriate way to kick off my “ice cream every day” quest than with, well…ice cream?! I was in the Bronx several weekends ago celebrating my mother’s birthday and with it being so warm lately, the ice cream trucks are now making their rounds. Nothing transports me back to my childhood faster than the sound of the Mr. Softee ice cream trunk driving down Randall Ave. The memories attached to this always bring me back to a simpler time in my life. It reminds me of family. It reminds me of home. And who doesn’t need to be reminded of their safety net every once in awhile. When we’re out changing the world, sometimes it’s good to take a moment and reflect on the place that we started so that we can appreciate how far we’ve come.  

A cup of inspirational joe with O.

“Be more splendid. Be more extraordinary. Use every moment to fill yourself up.” ~Oprah

Everyone who knows me, is well aware that my happy place has always been Starbucks…well that and Staples. But lately, I’ve been enjoying the new partnership that media mogul Oprah Winfrey has formed with Starbucks with her new signature drink, the Oprah Chai Tea Latte. Not only am I loving the drink, but I’ve been making a habit of collecting the cup protectors because they have great inspirational quotes. So not only did I treat myself to a delicious drink, I also treated myself to a healthy helping of encouragement. That’s the kind of treat that you can believe I’m not thinking about calorie counting on.   And to go along with that little cup of sunshine, I picked up a delicious sunflower-shaped sugar cookie. Sunflowers are my favorite so I couldn’t resist.



Picture perfect acceptance



I decided to take a major leap outside my comfort zone and really put myself on display with this latest project. After meeting up with talented NYC photographer and family friend, Mitiya Wright of My Favorite Images Photography LLC, I set up a photo shoot in Manhattan and just allowed it to be a day of fun and celebration. And what was I celebrating? Well, me. Natural me. It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my body image over the years. So doing the photo shoot was another step toward embracing my beauty and what makes me unique.

Breakfast with a purpose.


I call this “Breakfast on Purpose”. After reading a Facebook post from a friend about being more intentional about the way that we carry out the activities of our day rather than rushing through and not savoring the moment, I decided to take the time and really enjoy my breakfast rather than my usual scarf down in between errands. It’s amazing what a positive and calm tone it set for my day. Cooking for myself is something that has become somewhat of a luxury…usually it falls within that rare intersection of time called “When i feel like it.” and “When I have time.”  But I’ve made it a point to make it a necessity because the fact of the matter is, when I don’t make a conscious effort to plan my meals during the week,  I eat poorly. And when I eat poorly, I have very little energy, and when I don’t have energy, I resort to unhealthy snacks that make me eat poorly. Notice the cycle here? 


Growing up requires that we start to make smarter decisions as it pertains to our lifestyles, but it doesn’t mean that we just stop living. Find the time to indulge in and savor the little “sweet spots” of life. I’ve learned that it can do wonders for your health both mentally and physically, and make you more productive personally. When I’ve made time for me, I’ve found that I can think clearly and actually put into motion the plans that I’ve set for my life. 

I want to hear from you! What ways are you making time for you?

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