Christina’s Reads – December 30, 2012

I thought I’d take a little break from writing and share with you guys what I’ve been reading and drawing inspiration from. Below you’ll find links to some pretty awesome posts from fellow bloggers.

Today I learned that being an overachiever doesn’t necessarily mean boring. In fact, being an overachiever has never been more trendy and fabulous and quirky as described in this awesome list compiled by Penelope Trunk in 15 Things Overachievers Do

And if you are an aspiring thought leader but are having doubts about the effectiveness of blogging, this post from the Harvard Business Review may change your mind. Find out why they believe that people who are serious about their ideas are blogging.

As we approach the new year, start organizing your to-do lists to reduce clutter and increase your productivity.

And in that same vein, Penelope Trunk made me re-think the entire concept of being busy.

Happy reading!


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